Saturday, April 2, 2011

Zettai Karen Children 252 English Version

Zettai Karen Children chapter 252: Stand By Me (2)
Previously: Aoi headed for Kyoto to see her brother Yuuki. Tim & Bullet went with her as escorts, but Tim seems to be acting oddly...
Yuuki is energetic and happy to see Aoi. But what is behind Tim's mysterious headache? It's BIG TROUBLE for Aoi and Bullet. Will they be able to return home safely?! No one could have expected such an emergency situation!! Don't miss it!
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Files fixed. Please redownload them. Thanks.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Current Status of JS-Scan's Project

This is the list of what we will be doing this week:

1) Zettai Karen Children Chapter 252 - Darkening Job, Translation (Chinese Version), and Typesetting.

2) Kara No Kyoukai Chapter 6 - Start getting the raw, and will do the translation.

3) Prepare to get Zettai Karen Children 253 Magazine Raw.

Now that I have finished ZKC 250 & 251, I will like to take some time to rest before I move on to the rest of the works. Thank you ladies & gentlemen who have visited our blog and enjoy reading the series we provided. I can't give out any promises that I will finish them asap, but I give out my word that I will finish the work no matter how.

Thank you for reading this post. And I would like to say TQ to Evilsqueakheads (Squeak) for helping updating the status. That's all for tonight. Seeya again!

Zettai Karen Children 251 Chinese Version

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Zettai Karen Children 251 English Version

Zettai Karen Children Chapter 251: Stand By Me(1)
Finally Minamoto has successfully saved Adam after The Children lending him a help in the back. What now is awaiting The Children? Don't miss the latest arc story that Aoi is leading the main role!!
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Note from Squek: Page 12 is missing a bubble. Download the fixed page in the comments section.

(28/03/2011)From Spikey: Page 12 is now fixed in the rar file. Please download them once more.

Zettai Karen Children 250 Chinese Version SPECIAL

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Zettai Karen Children 250 English Version SPECIAL

Zettai Karen Children Chapter 250: The Six Million Dollar Man (7)
Finally it's done!! Sorry for being waited that long. This chapter isn't just contain the main story, but also we have included Omake Manga of Zettai Karen Children Volume No.25!!! Also as promised the result of the vote poll has been included too!!! Chapter 251 is also done at the same time!!! Let's heat up and start cheering for the Mangakas who still working after the Crisis in Japan, LONG LIVE JAPAN MANGA CULTURE!!!
Minamoto and The Children have entered Adam's deep mind. What will they find out inside there? What is the aim of Hyoubu? Don't miss out the last chapter of The Six Million Dollar Man!!
Things included in 250th chapter:
1) The main story of 250th
2) Omake of Volume 25
3) Limited Version's Calendar Collection
4) The Results of the JS SCANS 2nd Zettai Karen Children Popularity Ranking Vote Poll
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Current Status (We're still here)

We're not breaking up, disbanding, dropping our projects, etc. If you haven't been reading the comments from the last post, we were only delayed because a lot of time went into result pages. 250's quality was horrible. A LOT of labor and time went into that chapter to make it look nice. All of us are usually busy with real life issues so we can't get the chapter done quickly.

Here's the current status of chapters:

Result pages: Being proofread. DONE.
250: Being typesetted.
251: Being typesetted.
252: Being filtered cleaned.

252 has ink blots all over the screentones. Everywhere. We'll do our best, but I think it will be another labor-intensive chapter trying to fix it.

There will be 5 result pages (not 10) released with 250, with the top 10 characters. They look really nice!

UPDATE: 250 and 251 will be released together. Stay tuned.

We are discussing making an archive page for old chapters, and possibly a forum too. Anyone have any suggestions for organization, or what you want to see?

Clubsunday Colored Supplements

Gotta love that PocOy.

Here are the colored supplements from Clubsunday. At least consider it an apology for the delay releasing the main story.

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Just a couple of notes: I (with Lovelychildren_fan's help) translated a few small things that JS06 missed originally. I am not fluent in Japanese, so I'm gonna run them by everyone to make sure I got it right.

Page 6, panel 3: Otsukaresan -> Good work everyone.
Page 7, panel 3: Ikimasu -> Let's Go!
Page 7, panel 5 sfx: Go Go Go Go Go Go -> Rumble

Tell me if I made any mistakes so I can revise them.