Saturday, September 11, 2010

2nd Character Popularity Poll

20 More Chapters before Zettai Karen Children reach its 250th chapter!! To celebrate the coming 250th chapter anniversary, we decided to organize the second time Character Popularity Poll!!! Click on the following pages to find out more information and the rules!! BE VERY CAREFUL and MAKE SURE YOU READ ALL OF IT!! (Those pages can be found on the chapter 230 released by us) Make your vote right now!!

绝对可怜CHILDREN还有20话就会迎来第250章!!为了庆祝即将来临的第250章纪念,我们举办了第二次人气投票比赛!!!请查看以下的几页来明白更多的情报与规则!!绝对要谨慎,把全部读完哦!! (这个可以在我们所公布的第230章里找到的)请马上投下神圣一票!!

The Poll / 投票地点
2nd Popularity Poll/第二次人气投票比赛



  1. everyone must vote for Hyoubu Kyousuke and Akashi Kaoru

  2. I vote for Kaoru, Shiho, Aoi, Minamoto, and Feather <3