Wednesday, May 4, 2011

He's safe.

If he is still living where he said he was living one and a half years ago, JS06 was hit during the April 27th tornado outbreak. We do not normally have contact with him outside of Mangahelpers, so at this moment we do not know his status. We hope he has just lost power and is fine. However, most people in his area have regained power and internet access by now.

I have seen his Mangahelpers thread, so I know his first name, and thankfully I did not see it on the list of confirmed deaths in his county.


We are going to wait for his official translation. There will still be a double release.


  1. God bless him!

  2. From what news seem to suggest, there are a lot of places that lost quite a bit more then power, i.e. internet cabling and such.

    Additionally quite a few are alive, but took significant property damage, i.e. house torn down and such.

    We can only hope that it's just an internet outage that is taking a while to fix and not actual property damage, or worst case, hospital visit/death.

  3. yay..he's coming back...i see he sending translation in mangahelpers for chapter HNG318...thank God he's alright...

  4. Any stories or sightings of The Children helping out during the troubles there?

  5. No, but someone saw a child and an old man help out, while a black lady and a blonde man were being useless.