Saturday, April 30, 2011

Status update!

We haven't released Zettai Karen Children in over a week, so I thought we'd let everyone know our progress.

There will be a double release (again) this week. We had a few hiccups while cleaning 256, but 257 was cleaned entirely in two days.

256 status: We will typeset later tonight/tomorrow (for all of you non-Americans), once Spikey has had a good night's rest.
257: Waiting for JS06 to translate, and then we will typeset.

If ANYONE wants to join us for manual editing (burning, cloning, etc.) or typesetting, please speak up!!!


  1. The eager waiting continues :)

  2. This is a bit irrelevant, but I couldn't find a better place to ask. I was wondering if you had any plans to redo any of your older scans using tankoubon scans?


  3. Southdrop, look at it this way: would you rather folks who are responsible for cleaning, typesetting, etc worked on latest releases, or on improved version of the old scans? :)

    (I'm just a random guy, not affiliated with JS-scans in any way)

  4. i wanna help in typesetting..or cleaning raw somehow..

  5. @Southrop: I personally would like to do that, but as Anon said, we don't have the time as long as current releases are always coming out.

    @Kuzumi: My AIM/Yahoo IM is evilsqueakheads, msn Spikey's IM addresses are in the credits here.
    If you contact us, we can give you some test pages and train you. After the precleaning is done, you'll mostly need to worry about darkening blacks and whitening whites.

    Do you have photoshop?

  6. Anon: Well obviously I would prefer new chapters, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask, right?

  7. does it look like they have the staff do so? durr.... use ur head

  8. Whoa, chill. I don't really mind that he asked...

  9. yay thank for the update :P