Thursday, April 21, 2011

Problem on Mediafire Link

Right now we experienced problems on Mediafire Links...Please wait for a while to let Mediafire website itself back to sense. Otherwise I will search for a new link to upload those files. Please use Megaupload Links to download the files. We will fix Mediafire Links ASAP.

Squek: The mediafire links work now.


  1. Hoho that's good news. I really liked your Kara no Kyoukai translation, and as I posted in the "Current Status" post, I would like to start translating the kara no Kyoukai manga to portuguese based on your english version.

    Could you give me permission? Of course, all the credits for the original translation will be given accordingly.

  2. I told Spikey about it. He said "Ohohoho I see." but nothing else. As long as you give credits to us I doubt he will refuse.

  3. To AstralSword:

    Oh so there you are... Sorry I couldn't find you in Kara No Kyoukai Corner. And I was working on ZKC256 so I late to respond.

    Just as Squek said as long as you give credits to us I won't have no problem about it. You have your permission.

  4. Thank you. Soon I will post the chapters already released in english translated to portuguese in my blog. I will be sure to give you the credits for the original translation and link your blog in the manga's section :D

    Check it when it is released. It will be in here.

  5. Uwa! Uwa! Portuguese site! :O Thanks for linking us. You're very considerate. *Preparing Google translate*.

  6. LoL

    I just like to let people know that their work will not be "stolen" without the rightfully credits being given.

    It is sad, but this is rather common in the internet. Oh well, someone must start changing this :P

    I hope you enjoy the blog ^^
    Kara no Kyoukai was a must, since the entirety of my blog is about Kinoko Nasu's creations, and now I can translate it :D

    Thank you, once more!