Friday, May 6, 2011


After being through many things around...Zettai Karen Children chapter 256 & 257 are finally done... (I'm not joking, these days were like a hell to me, and other members too). I heard about js06's situation but I glad he's safe & sound. Surely everyone will feel the same as mine.

Now I have a bad news and good news. Bad news is that one of our members, Lovelychildren_fan is having medical treatments and is scheduled to have operations in month July. For the sake of her, I will not let her do the works such as darkening job or cleaning. I just want to wish her to rest well and fully recover her health condition. Everyone please write a message to wish her well too.

Good news is, we have found a new member who is living in the same country as mine and able to do the cleaning and filtering for our group. His name is Kuzumi (nickname). I planned to let him help us out doing the new chapter which will be released next week. Everyone, please welcome him!!

By the way, I sure everyone have been noticed that Shounen Sunday is taking a break this week due to Golden Week in Japan. So no new chapter of ZKC or Kara No Kyoukai this week. That's all for now, please take notice on further announcements.


  1. Lovelychildren_fan get well soon.

  2. i hope she will get healed soon...

  3. Lovelychildren_fan get well soon.

  4. Good Luck! Lovelychidren_fan! I hope your upcoming surgery goes well.

  5. as other have said get well soon, and here hoping for a speedy recovery Lovelychildren_fan

  6. Lovelychidren_fan ¡Espero se recupere pronto!

  7. Hey, great job for the scans... Really, your group does a terrific job on those !
    Lovelychildren_fan, I hope you will get better, too. Since you're in the hospital, perhaps you'll get to see Dr Sakaki...?
    See you

  8. Thank you very much to the whole team.

    Lovelychildren_fan, thank you for all the work you've done on the series, I hope the operations go smoothly and that you have a speedy recovery!

  9. Lovelychildren_fan, I hope you recover asap. Please take a good rest. And remember that there are people who cares for you.

    As for the new recruit, Welcome. I know i'm not a part of this group but i think it's ok to welcome you. I hope you'll find this group fun and I also hope to see your work in this group's future releases.

    To this group, Thank you very much! :D

  10. get well soon LovelyChildren_fan!~
    A lovely children fan O_o

  11. hope he will get better soon :)

    if it`s sickness, maybe you can ask shiki to "kill" it *laughs*

    it`s okay for a delay, your health is more important.

    i wish him well