Friday, January 13, 2012

Kara No Kyoukai Manga Version Chapter 12

Kara No Kyoukai Chapter 10-Plot 3: Remaining Sense Of Pain -Ever Cry, Never Life- Part 3
Asagami Fujino, the victim of a violent rape by a group, suddenly used a strange ability to kill them all, except one escaped. She is now searching for that person for revenge. In the same time, Ryougi Shiki accepted a request to search for the killer. Their encounter is just few seconds away...!?
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  1. Still loving this.

    Might I ask if you're going to use the Manga RAWs to put the translation on? I'd like to help if I can.

  2. Ominae, do you mean you want to help out doing translation on original raw?

  3. thanks again for this one too. ^^

  4. Spikey,

    Nah I have the first volume of KnK sitting in my portable hard drive. I'd like to donate it though if you don't mind.

    As much as I'd like to help translate, my Japanese knowledge is in the elementary/100-101 level. I don't know if that can help. Plus I'm trying to make sure I graduate from university this year.

  5. oh you meant the manga volume? oh my i forgot about that one.
    Does it have any omake manga or something?

  6. Last I checked, it doesn't have.

    If you want a peek, I can send you the link.

    1. Then I don't need it since I don't want to do old chapters that I did last year. Just want to buy manga volumes to support Tenku Shphere & Typemoon XD

  7. Thank you for you hardwork ^-^