Monday, May 30, 2011

Kara No Kyoukai Manga Version Chapter 7

Kara No Kyoukai Chapter 7-Plot 2: Murder Study (First Half) Part 4
Shiki shows more rejection towards everyone including Kokuto. After revealing her secrets to Kokuto, Shiki uttered a word that shows warning to him. What will Kokuto react to this after the cold shoulder Shiki gave him!? Don't miss the latest chapter where a terrible reality is about to show up!!
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  1. Thx for working on this, I'm loving this adaptation.

  2. Thanks - one thing though.
    You didn't label KnK chapter 5 and 6 with "Type-Moon". That confused me quite a bit initially, because I tried to use that to find the other chapters :)

    Would be great if you could add that so other's don't get confused too ^.^