Monday, April 11, 2011

Status Of The Works This Week

The Work Schedule Planned On This Week (11-04-2011 to 17-04-2011)
1) Finished release Zettai Karen Children 253
2) Finished Kara No Kyoukai Chpater 6, Waiting for proofread, expecting it to be released this week.
3) Start doing Zettai Karen Children 254 (Filtering and Darkening). Wondering if can be released this week.
4) Zettai Karen Children 255 raw is schedule to be released on Club Sunday this week. This will able to save us time on doing the cleaning.
Our works have been delayed for a while. I'll try to keep on and go back on tracks. Please support us and the series we released. Thank you for reading.


  1. thank for the update n your hardwork :P

  2. Thanks for the updates and your hard work! Ganbatte ne~