Tuesday, March 15, 2011

About Zettai Karen Children, and Earthquake In Japan

Zettai Karen Children Chapter 250 is still on progress, so does the result for the vote poll. There's one reason why it has been delayed...because I sticked my nose to the news of what happened to Japan in March 11th. While praying for the safety of the citizen in Japan, I also worried about the safety of the Mangakas and The Anime Voice Casts. Takashi Shiina sensei is definetly confirmed to be safety as he updated his twitter and his blog. But there's a rumor that the entire manga & anime in Japan will be hold for a month or more. We might still able to get the raw of Zettai Karen Children 251 (but predict it to be late arrival cause of the plane delivery after that tradegy). We will put up any update status about our work if possible, so keep an eye on us.

Lastly, let us the world pray for the safety of the Japanese citizens and I want to say, "BE STRONG, JAPAN!! GANBARE!!!"


  1. ''because I sticked my nose to the news of what happened to Japan in March 11th''
    I don't blame you, I've also been watching it and praying for their safety.

    ''But there's a rumor that the entire manga & anime in Japan will be hold for a month or more''
    As long as things get better, this is a short time period.

    Stay strong Japan.

  2. Stay strong Japan!

  3. It's so sad!! I was surfered this terrible experient on 921 earthquack in Taiwan.I knew that was really hard.Everyone should be more patient.
    At least, the author is still working for ZKC comics.
    God blessed Japan!!

  4. I have zettai karen children c251. It was good.

  5. Most pages on 250 have been cleaned. The quality was a fucking nightmare and that added to the delay.

  6. Did something happen? I've been checking everyday but there is no sigh of activities of the group...

  7. what time can we see 250 251?
    and thank you

  8. I can wait a few weeks or a month but at least show a few sign of life. I got a feeling that the group broke up. :(

  9. chapter 252 aviavle

  10. I'm not an admin for this blog (I can't make posts) and I'm not the group leader. I wanted to make a post yesterday but I was unclear on status of other members.

    We're not breaking up. We're still working. 250 and 251 are being done simultaneously. 250 is at the typesetting state, 251 is at the cleaning/darkening state. Spikey's also doing vote poll result pages. The top ten characters get one page each. 250 was shitty quality and I'm starting to get carpal tunnel (which slowed me down a lot). Spikey does have a full time job and can't work a lot. Lovely-chan sometimes has things in her life that make it hard for her to work (As was the case with 250). 251 was filtered well (not that much black areas to burn in) so it won't take that long to finish it.

    We essentially have no cleaners with a lot of free time on their hands. And...uh....working hands.

  11. Squek:

    Thanks for the update.

  12. Thanks for the update Squek, we all appreciate the hard work you all put in

  13. Anyone interested in proofreading the vote poll result pages?

    252 is being cropped atm. 251 is halfway done darkening.

  14. Have you guys considered either group's IRC channel or twitter/blog account with group-wide posting rights as a better communication medium?

    Unless of course you don't want to communicate. You're obviously under no obligations here, but it would certainly set a lot of minds at ease to jump to IRC channel and see people there, maybe even be able to say "thanks" or fire up a question or two.

  15. Sorry. :( I never realized it was that much of an issue for people. It's not that we don't want to communicate, we're just not organized.

    Personally, if I knew how to set up an IRC channel and make it all official and everything I would have done it a long time ago. But there's no guarantee any of us will be in there at any given time so Kioras and Spikey didn't really like the idea of a channel.

    I don't have a Blogger account. They're connected to Google accounts, and those need to be activated by cell phones. I'm just scared of being tracked down from the phone number in case we're DMCA'd in the future.

  16. I find it rather surprising that google accounts actually REQUIRE some sort of ID proof like phone activation nowadays. I have both of mine from time when gmail was new, and it certainly didn't require it back then - just a simple filled out web form was enough.

    All in all, it's just about how organised you want to be. It's nice from our (consumer) point of view if you're more organised and "accessible" for lack of better term, but if you view it to be safer to be as disorganised as possible, that is your choice.

    As an idea, if nothing else you could consider sharing the access for this blog (if no one is using the account for other, more private things obviously). Just throwing ideas here, it's really fine as it is too.

    It's just that the current stuff happening in Japan has many worried about continuation I guess.

  17. Oh. I got it wrong. Only Gmail needs to be activated by phone. So forget the stuff about the blogger account, I just made one.

    I'll ask Spikey if he can add me as an admin, and then see what I can do about being consistent with status updates.