Saturday, January 8, 2011

Kara No Kyoukai (Plot 1: Overlooking View) Chapter 1-3

Here we go, and start off with a new Project that had been planned since this series started as manga version in Nov 2010. It was a series that created by TYPE-MOON as a novel and have been released as anime movie version.

LADIES & GENTLEMEN, Please welcome...KARA NO KYOUKAI (The Garden Of Sinners)!!!
First, we'll release the latest chapters of Kara No Kyoukai with a complete arcstory: OVERLOOKING VIEW. Enjoy the reading!!!

Name: Kara No Kyoukai (The Garden Of Sinners)
Japanese Name: 空の境界
Category: Supernatural, Romance, Horror, Adventure.

Chapter 1 (Part 1): Megaupload | Mediafire

Chapter 2 (Part 2): Megaupload | Mediafire

Chapter 3 (Part 3): Megaupload | Mediafire

Update 10/01/2011: The link is closed for temporary period for doing correction on the translation. We'll put them right back right when we finish the correction. Thank you.

Update 11/01/2011: The translation's grammar has been fixed, thanks to one of the fans who visited our blog. You can find his/her name in the credit page of KNK later. And now, sorry for waiting and please enjoy the reading one more time. For those who had confused of the story in these 3 chapters, please check on the reference I made below.

Chapter 1
Page 1 - 11
In the beginning of August 1999, Mikiya visit Shiki.
Page 12 - 17
A certain day in August 1999, Shiki went to the Fujyou Building and saw the "Ghosts" one more time, as she seems to have witness them a lot.
Page 18 - 38
3 weeks later right after Mikiya visited Shiki, in August 1999, he wake up in the office where he worked. The case of the Fujyou Building has been settled, and August is about to end.
Page 39 - 40
Time rewinded back to several hours before Mikiya awaken, and Shiki is heading to the Fujyou Building.

Chapter 2
The entire chapter continued from the last two pages of Chapter 1. Where Shiki encounter with the floating female, and "killed" her.

Chapter 3
Right after Shiki "killed" that female whose name is Fujyou Kirie, she awaken in her room of hospital. Touko came to her side and asked her a few things. Then, Fujyou Kirie has die by committing suicide in the next day.
Page 27 - 36
The time has come back to where Mikiya awaken and after the discussion about Overlooking View. Shiki and Mikiya went home together.


  1. If you mean chinese version of this series, we won't do it since other chinese group had done them.

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  3. Thanks a ton! I have been waiting for someone to do this. I have problem catching up with the anime (barely understand the story)and hopefully now I can fully enjoy it. ^_^

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  5. Finally someone is releasing it.
    But, one question: Is/are your proofreader/s even native English? If so, they fail at life. They can't even recognize such easy, but grave mistakes. It's horrible. :/
    If you want a proofreader, who can at least speak/read English normally without any mistakes, don't hesitate to contact me. I would gladly apply as a proofreader.


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