Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Watermarks on Chinese Version/中文版的水印

We decided to put in watermarks into Zettai Karen Children chapters, but that's only for chinese version only. English Version is still free from problem issues but that's not the same case for chinese version. Therefore, after long time thinking of it, I had made the decision to do so. So for chinese readers, hope the watermarks won't affect your reading on the chapter from now on.

You all can give us more suggestions if you don't like the watermarks idea. I had been thinking these days so I had delayed the release of the chapter 237. I ready to hear any ideas from the readers and supporters so we can improved the progress and can be free from any issues.

Thank you for the supports.




1 comment:

  1. In fact the watermark is hardly noticeable and I appreciate your team's prolonged efforts in producing the only chinese version in the world.

    Sincerely hope no legal compliance or copyright issue will arise in the future. All the best.