Thursday, November 4, 2010

Shonen Sunday Is Delayed...

Because of the holiday in Japan, a lot of magazines have been released earlier in Japan, but this is not the same case in my country, Malaysia...

Usually I should have get the magazine raws on Thursday this week...but it got delayed until this Saturday Night...Which mean Zettai Karen Children will be delayed and might not be released on the usual time I did. I promised will try my hard as soon as I got the book and get it done in short time. Until then, hope the readers can be patience and wait for my news.

Sorry and thank you for the supports.


  1. Rare to see a malaysian scanlator group .

    We can get the RAW here ?

  2. I already have chapter 237 japanese raw.

  3. To David: That's properly Share Version, which I had it too. It will be a waste if I don't used the magazine raw since I made the subscription. That's what my friend member suggested.

    To: hjtorz: You can get the raw online in raw distro or somewhere else. But that will be Share Version. Our cleaning group prefers magazine raw cleaning. And you won't find the raw right here. Sorry about that(Bow)

    P/S: I'm the only Malaysian in this JS Scans.