Friday, August 13, 2010


This is a reminder for everyone who didn't know about this yet, that there is no latest chapter during this week. Last week was the double combined issue for Sunday Magazine (As well as Weekly Jump, too), therefore the manga magazines took a week off this week. So, Zettai Karen Children Chapter 227 raw will have to be waited until next week period. Until then, see you again~

Also, a new member is going to join our group as cleaner. We will announce his name during the release of next chapter 227. Be looking forward for it~

P/S: The recent links I posted few days ago had been deleted by youtube. So I have to delete all of them. Look like we will have to search for them on net >< I'm very sorry for this. (17/08/2010)

And enjoy the full version of Seventh Heaven, the ending theme for the ZKC OVA!!
ZKC OVA theme - Seventh Heaven


  1. first =D and yea <3 the OVA hope there will be more

  2. I'd rather download it. Someone knows where can I do that?

  3. Kemm...

    You can do that through, just search

  4. thank's for the link =D

  5. a better way of doing a heart is this ♥