Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We had got the raw of 221

This is Spikey2713. Call me Spikey if you wish~^^

Today after finish posting chapter 220, we have got the latest raw of 221.
We won't however put out the spoiler for now. And also I will need some rest first before start doing the cleaning.

And Zettai Karen Children will take one week break off after chapter 221. So next week we won't have the latest chapter.

For anyone who would like to request for the old chapters that were done by our group. You can give me a pm in MH or directly sent me a e-mail ( Please aware that I can still access the files in MH but it will only be until the end of this month June. So in case I can't finish the backup, please give the request as soon as possible.

And how do you like about the templates of our blog? I still no good in blog and this website was create by my leader Kioras. Feel free to mirror our blog link, and give us any ideas and suggestions.

That's all for today. I'm going to have a sleep now. Seeya later~~


  1. its like pretty good keep up good work

  2. It's looks clean, uncluttered and easy to access. It's good for what it's doing now.

  3. I usually enjoy ZKC at free manga sites such as Onemanga..etc. When the files in MH are gone, would it be the same for those free manga sites?
    By the way, thanks for the new chapter. I really enjoyed it!! I am becoming a big fan of Feather...:-D

  4. Take a good rest! WE are looking forward from you again!
    ps. This blog looks simple but I like it!
    As saying goes: Simple is Beauty!

  5. I am a bit confused. Can we download the raw? I just tried finding the link on MH, but I can't locate it.

  6. Could you enable/set up an RSS feed please?

  7. I suggest you to take all the old chapters from MH and host them in a single zip somewere else such as mediafire. If you don't do it by time i'm afraid we will loose the older realases, won't we?

  8. Okay. I will start doing that in next week since there wasn't any new chapter. Will be done within the end of this month.